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The Gambler’s Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #21)

With his team back in the fight, American covert operative Chase Fulton is forced to dive into his own psyche and revive the devoted warrior deep within. As opposing worlds tug at every corner of his mind, he must once again immerse himself into the realm of the fearless to face an opponent unlike any he’s known.

Even the relentless drudgery of time’s passing can’t protect the team from evils born of the Cold War. Old enemies stand in defiance and utter determination to complete the unfinished work of ages past, and only Chase Fulton and his team of tier-one operators stand between them and ultimate freedom. Will the mission drive the team apart or draw the brotherhood even tighter as they face not only the enemy before them, but also the demons of their own creation?

Never before has so much hung in the balance for the team, so step into the fire and feel the anticipation of what lies just around the corner as Cap Daniels leads you through a web of intrigue, espionage, and deceit like you’ve never experienced.


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The Abandoned Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #20)

With the scalding sting of betrayal still tearing at his soul, American covert operative Chase Fulton steps through a door he believes he can never reopen and into a world unlike the one he’d known since stepping off the playing field and onto the battlefield.

Can the warrior inside embrace the simple, quiet life, or does the siren call of smoke, fire, and victory beckoning on wind and wave prove itself to be an undeniable thirst quenched only on the edge of the sword and the gleaming tip of the spear?

Driven by a boundless yearning to unseat the powerful men who nearly delivered him and his team into the jaws of the relentless beast in the name of revenge, Chase plots a course for justice and ultimate vengeance. But will his single-minded determination upon that course prove to be the blinders that hide his true foe? Will Chase Fulton summon the fortitude to survive the relentless assault of the enemy within, or will the powerful retain their throne and add his body to the swelling mound of those who tried and failed?

In this, the twentieth installment of the Chase Fulton Novels, witness unprecedented power, evil, and suspense as Cap Daniels spins a web of deception, deceit, and determination unlike anything you’ve read before.


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The Russian’s Lust

(The Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series, Book #4)

Lust . . . Nowhere on Earth is the very essence of the word nurtured, encouraged, and exploited more than deep inside Sin City.

With billions of dollars flowing across the felt tables and down the seedy gutters of America’s black hole of morality, no place could be more inviting, more irresistible, or more welcoming to the dark forces of the Russian mafia than the city whose roots burrow into the desert, beneath the spot where the ground was first cultivated and the seeds first planted by none other than the notorious Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova must relive the horrors of her training at the hands of her former Soviet masters to claw her way into a terrifying world, where human life is little more than a commodity for sale to the highest bidder in this journey behind the glittering lights, and into the depths of the real Las Vegas few ever see and even fewer survive.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the depravity more palpable, than in Anya’s latest mission to stop a madman whose birthright was bathed in the endless river of blood pouring from the slain enemies of communism’s fallen foes.





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