The Darker Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #19)

On the heels of the most emotionally tumultuous mission of his life, American covert operative Chase Fulton is forced to bury the past and lead his team into the most high-risk assignment of their careers. The world of wealth, privilege, and prestige on the island paradise of St. Barts is but a thin veil beneath which an intricate web of deception, intrigue, and unthinkable danger boils and flourishes.

Called into action to implement the nation’s newest covert war machine, a ship like none other, Chase must scour the waters of the West Indies while uncovering immeasurable evil ashore as the team works tirelessly against the ticking clock and a threat unlike any the Western World has ever faced.

Can the team rise to meet the demands of the perilous new mission—one that promises to push each of them to the extremes of their very souls? Or will the deep-seated forces prove to be more than any man can bear? Climb aboard for an unforgettable adventure into the turquoise Caribbean waters and onto the playground of some of the wealthiest and deadliest adversaries of freedom who’ve ever lived.


The Sunken Chase

(The Chase Fulton Novels, Book #18)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton takes a meeting with a mysterious figure, who claims to hold first-hand knowledge of never-before-revealed information that promises to change Chase’s life forever, an unsanctioned mission and a terrifying journey into the depths of his psyche are launched, leaving both Chase’s future, as well as his past, in question.

Having spent the years since his potentially catastrophic injury growing stronger physically, as well as mentally, and as Chase takes one more stride toward mirroring the achievements of his mentor, he is faced with a fight that may leave his already battle-torn body with wounds too deep to heal and covered by the blood of a man who may have never existed.

Loyalties are tested, and fortitude is tried, as three decades of history are torn apart in search of a man who could be nothing more than a lie told to destroy one of America’s greatest warriors and shred Chase’s faith like sails in a hurricane’s terrible blow.

Can Chase overcome the mysteries of the past and defeat an enemy against whom he may be powerless? From the scorching beaches of the Florida Keys, to the impoverished jungles of Guatemala, walk alongside Chase Fulton and experience the soul-shaking agony of the conflict that may ultimately be the undoing of not only his life, but also his very soul.


The Russian’s Lust

(The Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series, Book #4)

Lust . . . Nowhere on Earth is the very essence of the word nurtured, encouraged, and exploited more than deep inside Sin City.

With billions of dollars flowing across the felt tables and down the seedy gutters of America’s black hole of morality, no place could be more inviting, more irresistible, or more welcoming to the dark forces of the Russian mafia than the city whose roots burrow into the desert, beneath the spot where the ground was first cultivated and the seeds first planted by none other than the notorious Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova must relive the horrors of her training at the hands of her former Soviet masters to claw her way into a terrifying world, where human life is little more than a commodity for sale to the highest bidder in this journey behind the glittering lights, and into the depths of the real Las Vegas few ever see and even fewer survive.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the depravity more palpable, than in Anya’s latest mission to stop a madman whose birthright was bathed in the endless river of blood pouring from the slain enemies of communism’s fallen foes.


The Russian’s Gluttony

(The Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series, Book #3)

A Former Russian Assassin . . . A Michelin Star Chef . . . A Russian Mafia Boss’s Insatiable Appetite . . . And Blood in the Streets of The Big Easy.

With a newfound freedom, former Russian intelligence office Anya Burinkova faces a new enemy who has a taste for blood and a nearly insatiable hunger to consume everyone and everything standing in his way.

As the United States Department of Justice turns to its newest and deadliest weapon, Anya must stand toe to toe with a madman like none she’s ever faced before.

Join Anya, Gwynn, and Special Agent Ray White as they’re forced to endure a soul-shattering journey down Bourbon Street and into the unearthly depths of New Orleans, a city dripping with Spanish moss, ancient black magic, and the blood of the souls consumed by their own gluttony.

Dare to step into the darkness as Cap Daniels takes you on an inescapable journey through the underbelly of the Big Easy as few have ever seen, leaving Anya—and you—questioning if a timeless evil can ever truly be defeated.





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