The Opening Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 1)

When collegiate baseball phenom Chase Fulton suffers a freak injury on the field that shatters his dreams of becoming a Major League catcher, his future looks bleak until he’s recruited into quasi-governmental covert operations, where his training as an assassin and covert intelligence operative launches him into a world fraught with danger, intrigue, and unexpected passion. As Chase navigates the Caribbean, he’s pursued by a beautiful Russian SVR officer who is trained and prepared to find, interrogate, and kill him if necessary. He learns exactly how deadly the realm of international espionage can be when duty and love collide.


The Broken Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 2)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton finds himself aboard a luxury mega-yacht off the Florida Keys with a dead Russian billionaire on deck and the beautiful SVR officer he loves standing over the body with a bloody knife in her hands, he believes his life could never become more complicated. But he is wrong. A vow to a mentor and beloved friend sends him on a tumultuous quest through the criminal underworld of South Florida to rescue an innocent young woman who represents not only Chase’s painful past, but also may be his only hope for psychological survival in the future. After suffering the agony of loss and ultimate betrayal, Chase learns that loyalty is a veil behind which deception, dishonor, and treason often lurk.


The Stronger Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 3)

After learning that he’d been the target of the most elaborate infiltration scheme by Russian intelligence since the Cold War, American covert operative and assassin, Chase Fulton, vows to coax the mastermind of the complex scheme out of the Kremlin and into the open, where he’ll exact his revenge. An unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure who claims to have known Chase’s father opens doors into a world Chase isn’t prepared to enter. From the high seas of the North Atlantic to the Shenandoah Valley outside Washington D.C., Chase must face the demons of his emotions, as well as the forces of evil determined to destroy him, as he resolves to become more focused, deadlier, and stronger than ever.


The Unending Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 4)

When the Chinese Ministry of State Security unleashes a bold plan to sink a massive freighter in the Panama Canal as part of an elaborate intelligence gathering operation, American covert operative, Chase Fulton, is called upon to infiltrate the operation and turn the tides against the conspirators. As demanding as the mission appears on the surface, what lies deep beneath the murky waters of the Canal and just beyond the wall of agonizing memories engulfing the city where Chase’s family was brutally murdered, are the true demons Chase must overcome.
Deadly and mysterious sources offer Chase the answers he’s so desperately sought for a decade, but will those answers only lead to deeper, more haunting questions? With his life on the line, his past finally revealed, and shocking deathbed revelations about the true identity of the beautiful Russian spy who haunts his soul, Chase Fulton must prove, once again, that when evil calls, men of honor not only stand to face it, but they rise above it and beat it into submission.


The Distant Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 5)

Following the death of his beloved mentor, Dr. Robert “Rocket” Richter, American covert operative, Chase Fulton, inherits far more than a life insurance policy. In Richter’s belongings, Chase discovers journals that take him back to the final days of World War II and into the skies over Europe, where he learns that his own battles with the demons of his past aren’t so different from those of the man he’d admired and loved.

The undeniable truths revealed in Richter’s final hours send the young American operative on a harrowing, self-imposed mission into the frozen wilds of Northern Europe, and as far as the icy doorstep of the Kremlin, to fulfill unspoken promises, and to save the life of the beautiful Russian spy who almost cost him everything. The treacherous journey finally unveils the mystery of Anya’s true identity and brings the two face-to-face in a dramatic reunion that could change both of their lives forever.

In the most shocking and unpredictable ending in the Chase Fulton Series so far, Chase’s decisions for his future violently collide with his deeds from the past, and leave everything in question.


The Entangled Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 6)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton is arrested for first-degree murder only minutes after returning from a grueling mission in the frozen wilds of the Russian interior, nothing is what it appears to be.

From deadly gunfights in America’s oldest city to abductions on the high seas of the Caribbean, Chase must face a new and deadly enemy and learn to adapt his skill set of international espionage to fight in the filthy trenches of the Miami underworld of organized crime.

Encouraged by an aged Southern patriarch whose family tree roots burrow through American history to the War of 1812 and beyond, Chase must blend two-hundred-year-old tradition with modern-day combat tactics to overcome evils unlike any he’s ever faced in this spine-tingling tale of danger and intrigue..

the devil's chase, chase fulton novels

The Devil’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 7)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton embarks on the most dangerous mission of his life to rescue a team of wounded, abandoned commandos in the mountains of Afghanistan, a new enemy shows his face. This time, the enemy is closer and more sinister than ever before.

Just when Chase believes he’s most alone, surprising allies and long-forgotten family ties arise and change everything he believes about his world. When his past and present collide to change his future forever, Chase is forced to make decisions about unexpected partnerships that have the power to change the geopolitical landscape of the planet for decades to come.

From the battlefields of America’s War on Terror to the treacherous and slippery political slopes of our nation’s capital, Chase must learn to play old games by new rules in this white-knuckle, non-stop adventure.


The Angel’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 8)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton finally believes his life has become as close to normal as it will ever be, he finds himself in a magnificent anchorage in The Bahamas with his beautiful new wife on the first night of their honeymoon. But as the sun melts across the western horizon, his dream vacation is thrown into chaos when a mega yacht races into the harbor at full speed, bearing directly on his catamaran. After narrowly surviving the collision, it soon becomes obvious the episode was no accident.

In the wreckage lies the body of a beautiful former Russian spy Chase remembers all too well, but the bullet hole at the base of her skull makes it crystal clear she was not a victim of the crash. She was instead an unmistakable warning from the Russians, who have declared that they’re gunning for America’s newest hero and will stop at nothing to have Chase Fulton’s head on the Kremlin’s silver platter.

From the frozen wilds of the Siberian Coast to the frigid depths of the foreboding Black Sea, Chase must forge out renewed alliances with ghosts from his past to crush the will of the Russian Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki and save not only his life, but the lives of the ones he loves. Sunken sailboats, nuclear submarines, seaplanes in Siberia, and the return of Anya Burinkova are just the tip of the iceberg in this nonstop thrill ride, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Forgotten Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 9)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton returns home from his most recent mission in the Black Sea with a defecting Russian SVR officer in tow, everything in his world changes.

As the tactical team morphs to meet the ever-changing demands of the geopolitical landscape and faces the challenges of expansion and the complexity of its most recent tasking, teammates are threatened, alliances are challenged, and devastating loss threatens to weaken the team’s resolve.

Kidnappings, unexpected discoveries, old friends, and new enemies combine to make this, the ninth installment in America’s new favorite espionage thriller series, the most action-packed and dramatic episode to date. With action ripped straight from today’s headlines, Chase and his team must confront a potentially deadly enemy on the shores of the homeland before the application of new technology threatens the safety and security of the free world.


The Emerald Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 10)

Politics, Central American cartels, federal fugitives, and three hundred hostages . . . That’s just the beginning of Chase Fulton’s newest assignment.

When an apparent eco-terrorist threatens to decimate the largest oil producer in the western hemisphere, tensions rise, hundreds of human lives are on the line, and fortunes lay in the balance. Chase and his covert ops team must pull off one of the most daring hostage rescue operations ever attempted, and it has to be done without making the evening news.

As the drama unfolds, the hostage situation is just the tip of the iceberg as Chase faces the possibility of losing the most important person in his life. Will he find answers to the storm of questions that threatens to rip his life apart, or will he fall prey to a mysterious watcher and a misguided federal officer who stand between him and all he holds dear?

From the unforgiving depths of the offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico, to the Desert Southwest where greed meets guilt and evidence battles innocence, this installment of the Chase Fulton Novels series promises to deliver thrills, drama, and intrigue like never before.


The Polar Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 11)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team suppress a mass shooting attempt in the tiny coastal town he calls home, the realization of how deadly his life has become sends him on a journey to separate himself from that violence and save his relationship with the woman he loves. The laid-back holiday promises to rekindle the relationship and heal old wounds until a brutal attack leaves a beloved friend fighting for her life. Chase has no choice but to put his experience, training, and lethal skill set back into action to find and eliminate the threat.

This time, though, his foe is fiercer, more experienced, and knows every trick in Chase’s book. The only solution is to play by a new set of rules, one with terrifying results orchestrated by an old enemy turned ally. As the depravity and brutality of the attackers is turned back against them in an unexpected late-night assault, the decades-old truth of their intentions is revealed. Former American operatives turned self-serving outlaws, thirty-year-old grudges, greed, and Vietnam-era tactics combine to create a mystery only Chase and his team can solve.

From the subtropics of coastal Florida to the rugged and unforgiving backcountry of the Appalachian Mountains, this action-packed thrill ride promises to deliver historical insight into modern-day evils and leave you gasping for breath.


The Burning Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 12)

With what he believes to be the most personal mission of his career behind him, American covert operative Chase Fulton answers a telephone call that will change his life forever. Bonaventure, the antebellum mansion that had been in his mother’s family for over two hundred years, is on fire. Could a priceless heirloom rescued from the fire become the foundation on which the rest of Chase’s life is built?

The arson investigation points the team in a terrifying and heart-wrenching direction when clues discovered in the carnage leave little doubt as to the arsonist’s identity. With trust betrayed and old wounds ripped open, Chase and his team must face impossible odds to wade through the lies and uncover the truth of what really happened at Bonaventure Plantation.

As always, things are never as they seem in Chase’s world of deception and duty. While battling not only to recover his home, but also to save his own life, he must find a way to answer a whirlwind of questions following the horrific loss of a powerful and trusted ally.

From the weathered Outer Banks of North Carolina, to the unforgiving streets of Buenos Aires, the team expands, old enemies reemerge, and alliances are put to the test in this, the twelfth installment of the Chase Fulton Novels series.


The Poison Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 13)

When the enemies of freedom hide beneath a patriot’s flag, it’s up to American covert operative Chase Fulton to find a way to infiltrate the criminal organization and dismantle it from within. Living inside a lie built on the foundations of greed, disregard for human life, and murderous intent may prove to be the most challenging assignment of his career.

As Chase battles his demons and questions his decisions to drive away a team member, the necessity of unit cohesion drives him to take on a solitary mission in which he’ll face enemies so driven by ideology and financial profit that they’ll make any deal, bribe any official, and flaunt their wealth in the faces of those who lack the resources to stand against them.

From the Wiregrass Region of southern Alabama to the burning deserts of northern Africa and the Middle East, Chase Fulton’s determination, endurance, and fortitude are put to the test against foes unlike any he’s ever faced in a realm he can scarcely imagine possible. The unthinkable mission promises to test alliances, stretch the bonds of friendship, and leave one of America’s finest warriors questioning everything he thought he knew. From the terrifying opening to the ominous conclusion, The Poison Chase promises to leave readers on the edge of their seats like never before.


The Bitter Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 14)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton returns home from his most recent mission battling a company providing weapons of war to the highest bidder regardless of their alliances, he finds himself haunted by a cryptic warning from the deputy director of Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency.

“There is someone close to you who is not what you believe them to be.”

Parallel assignments send Chase and his team into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains on the mission every operator fears he may one day be forced to face. Hunting down a traitor in their midst leaves Chase exploring the depths of his own self-doubt and questioning the loyalty of everyone he desperately longs to trust. As the team is forced to divide itself between seemingly unrelated missions, one by one, the elite tier-one operators come face-to-face with their own worst nightmares and find themselves entangled inside a web of deceit, betrayal, and grave danger.

A murderous religious cult, enemies masquerading as allies, and lingering doubts come together, forcing Chase and his team into the most daring rescue mission of their lives. Will they find more than just an innocent victim held captive behind the walls of treachery, and will their rescue efforts restore the team’s faith in themselves and each other? Or will it only reveal mighty chasms that can never be closed?

With heart-stopping action, intrigue, and stunning settings like only Cap Daniels can deliver, The Bitter Chase will leave readers second-guessing everything they believe about Chase Fulton and everyone around him.



The Blind Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 15)

In the aftermath of a mission on American soil that left covert operative Chase Fulton and his elite team of tier-one operators battle weary, severely injured, and questioning why and how another American team could’ve become so corrupted, they each find themselves examining what makes them not only willing, but yearning to lick their wounds, pick up their weapons, and return to the battlefield.

Believing they may never find the answers they so agonizingly longed for, the team is left more cautious than ever, strengthening the unspoken bond that weaves them so tightly together, until they’re barely able to imagine themselves without the remaining members of their team. An outsider burning with the lust to right the horrific wrongs of men he once trusted turns to Chase’s team in desperation, but un-ringing the bells of the past proves to be not only impossible, but also potentially catastrophic to the team.

Amidst the tumultuous waters of closing the wounds cut by men of greed, dishonor, and treason, Chase is handed a mission he and the team could’ve never imagined possible. The very freedoms on which the country was founded hangs in the balances of justice with the clock ticking and the team waging war against an invisible enemy on a limitless battlefield. Never before has so much rested in the hands of Chase Fulton and his team, and this time, they’re flying blind against an enemy, the likes of which none of them have ever faced before.

Feel the tension, taste the desperation, and experience the roar of battle like only Cap Daniels can deliver in this heart-pounding thriller, where the impossible becomes the inevitable.


The Smuggler’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 16)

When a United States Supreme Court justice is abducted by an international cartel of smugglers, American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of tier-one operators are ordered to find and rescue the victim, but that’s only phase one of the mission that may change the landscape of international diplomacy forever.

In a tropical paradise where vacationers see nothing less than perfection in every detail, from The Bahamas to South America, Chase and the team are forced to dive beneath the flawless surface and into the depths of terroristic depravity to unravel a web of unthinkable atrocity and infiltrate and devour an evil like none they’ve ever faced.
When the U.S. military isn’t an option, and the FBI is shackled by bureaucracy, only the invisible forces capable of operating beyond the limits of civility and front-page exposure can crush the tyranny overshadowing the American geopolitical scene and restore order to the highest court.

Join the warriors as they once again stare evil in the eye and refuse to blink. Stretching their capabilities and their very souls to limits like never before, five men hold countless lives and the foundations of freedom in their hands. But as they face a fearless enemy with nearly limitless resources, the team must wage a war like no other while racing against the relentless clock and the horrific consequences of failure.

From the shallows of the tranquil Caribbean, to the depths of the soul-wrenching unimaginable, let Cap Daniels take you on an adventure you’ll never forget and leave you questioning if freedom could stand without men like Chase Fulton and his team.


The Hollow Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 17)

As former American covert operative Chase Fulton struggles to adapt to life on the sidelines following a catastrophic injury, he finds himself waging a battle like none he’s ever faced.

From learning to walk again with his new prosthetic to following his long-deceased mentor back into the classroom, Chase fights desperately to fill the emptiness left by his inability to remain on the front lines of America’s clandestine war with the unending phalanx of enemies at the gate.

Hope is reborn when a mission arises demanding not only Chase’s unique skill set, but also his intellect and intuition. Can he answer the call of the battlefield without losing his grasp on the world that seems to reject him at every crossroad? Can he find a way to meld the dichotomy of his life on and off the plains of war without his sanity crumbling into the chasm of his desperation?

Is this the end or merely the genesis of a new battle plan to thrust Chase Fulton back to the forefront of the fight, where America and the Free World need him most?


The Sunken Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 18)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton takes a meeting with a mysterious figure, who claims to hold first-hand knowledge of never-before-revealed information that promises to change Chase’s life forever, an unsanctioned mission and a terrifying journey into the depths of his psyche are launched, leaving both Chase’s future, as well as his past, in question.

Having spent the years since his potentially catastrophic injury growing stronger physically, as well as mentally, and as Chase takes one more stride toward mirroring the achievements of his mentor, he is faced with a fight that may leave his already battle-torn body with wounds too deep to heal and covered by the blood of a man who may have never existed.

Loyalties are tested, and fortitude is tried, as three decades of history are torn apart in search of a man who could be nothing more than a lie told to destroy one of America’s greatest warriors and shred Chase’s faith like sails in a hurricane’s terrible blow.

Can Chase overcome the mysteries of the past and defeat an enemy against whom he may be powerless? From the scorching beaches of the Florida Keys, to the impoverished jungles of Guatemala, walk alongside Chase Fulton and experience the soul-shaking agony of the conflict that may ultimately be the undoing of not only his life, but also his very soul.


The Darker Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 19)

On the heels of the most emotionally tumultuous mission of his life, American covert operative Chase Fulton is forced to bury the past and lead his team into the most high-risk assignment of their careers. The world of wealth, privilege, and prestige on the island paradise of St. Barts is but a thin veil beneath which an intricate web of deception, intrigue, and unthinkable danger boils and flourishes.

Called into action to implement the nation’s newest covert war machine, a ship like none other, Chase must scour the waters of the West Indies while uncovering immeasurable evil ashore as the team works tirelessly against the ticking clock and a threat unlike any the Western World has ever faced.

Can the team rise to meet the demands of the perilous new mission—one that promises to push each of them to the extremes of their very souls? Or will the deep-seated forces prove to be more than any man can bear? Climb aboard for an unforgettable adventure into the turquoise Caribbean waters and onto the playground of some of the wealthiest and deadliest adversaries of freedom who’ve ever lived.


The Abandoned Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 20)

With the scalding sting of betrayal still tearing at his soul, American covert operative Chase Fulton steps through a door he believes he can never reopen and into a world unlike the one he’d known since stepping off the playing field and onto the battlefield.

Can the warrior inside embrace the simple, quiet life, or does the siren call of smoke, fire, and victory beckoning on wind and wave prove itself to be an undeniable thirst quenched only on the edge of the sword and the gleaming tip of the spear?

Driven by a boundless yearning to unseat the powerful men who nearly delivered him and his team into the jaws of the relentless beast in the name of revenge, Chase plots a course for justice and ultimate vengeance. But will his single-minded determination upon that course prove to be the blinders that hide his true foe? Will Chase Fulton summon the fortitude to survive the relentless assault of the enemy within, or will the powerful retain their throne and add his body to the swelling mound of those who tried and failed?

In this, the twentieth installment of the Chase Fulton Novels, witness unprecedented power, evil, and suspense as Cap Daniels spins a web of deception, deceit, and determination unlike anything you’ve read before.


The Gambler’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 21)

With his team back in the fight, American covert operative Chase Fulton is forced to dive into his own psyche and revive the devoted warrior deep within. As opposing worlds tug at every corner of his mind, he must once again immerse himself into the realm of the fearless to face an opponent unlike any he’s known.

Even the relentless drudgery of time’s passing can’t protect the team from evils born of the Cold War. Old enemies stand in defiance and utter determination to complete the unfinished work of ages past, and only Chase Fulton and his team of tier-one operators stand between them and ultimate freedom. Will the mission drive the team apart or draw the brotherhood even tighter as they face not only the enemy before them, but also the demons of their own creation?

Never before has so much hung in the balance for the team, so step into the fire and feel the anticipation of what lies just around the corner as Cap Daniels leads you through a web of intrigue, espionage, and deceit like you’ve never experienced.


The Arctic Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 22)

In the desolate, foreboding world of the Arctic Circle, American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of elite fighters must wage war against an enemy that cannot be beaten as they face the wilds of the frozen North on a desperate mission to rescue the crew of a doomed Russian icebreaker that may be lost to the timeless, crushing Polar Icecap.

In the world of international espionage, nothing is what it appears to be, and Chase must learn this deadly lesson time after time as he battles not only the unrelenting environment but also the unseen forces behind what may prove to be the final battle he will ever live to fight.

Hold on to your frozen seat as the unthinkable tragedy that calls the team to the Arctic proves to be only the tip of the treacherous iceberg. Unimaginable global consequences, terror of unrivaled magnitude, and diabolical forces bent on unleashing ultimate hell on Earth force Chase and his team to dive deep inside themselves and claim the burning fortitude to drive their swords into the hearts of the enemy before they can deliver their crushing blow against the core of humanity.

Feel the determination, taste the depravity, and experience the thunderous power of the ageless battle of ultimate freedom and security against the forces of global demise.


The Diamond Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 23)

True allegiance is often mocked by those who lack the moral fortitude to openly oppose true evil. Men of wavering constitution stand in misguided judgment of the warriors who plant their feet, set their shoulders, and make a stand against an enemy the cowards are unwilling and unable to admit exists.

When American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team of battle-hardened, modern-day samurai are faced with an assignment of unimaginable magnitude, they not only rise to the challenge but also face the invisible enemy with the determination of iron and steel and unquenchable fire.

When unspeakable evil masquerades behind the veil of innocence and mask of honor, it’s up to the team to defeat and reveal the true perpetrators before the world falls victim to a lie so abhorrent and diabolical that it threatens the very foundation on which civility is constructed.

Experience the very heart and soul of Chase and his relentless band of warriors like never before as their fortitude is weighed and measured at the blood-soaked tip of a sword whose wielder bears no burden of conscience. Feel your pulse pound as you take every stride and taste every wound alongside America’s elite at their most determined, their most driven, and their most deadly.


The Phantom Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 24)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton’s life is turned upside down with news almost too good to be true, everything he believes about his world changes in an instant, and the life he dedicated to serving his country and the preservation of freedom suddenly fades out of focus as a new reality becomes the center of his existence. But before the dream of his new life can materialize, one final mission demands his devotion like never before.

American hostages, including a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, have fallen into the hands of Los Toros, one of the world’s most ruthless and violent drug cartels, and no one is dispatched to rescue the doomed victims. As the truth about why the hostages have been abandoned by their country reveals itself, an even more horrific reality looms on the horizon for Chase and his team of seasoned operatives.

On the edge of the Mexican desert, just out of sight of the resort paradise of Cabo San Lucas, maniacal forces lurk not only in the shadows, but also boldly in the bright midday sun, unafraid of those who would dare try standing between them and the imminently condemned victims of their ferocious, bloodthirsty fury.

Can Chase survive the mission he swears will be his last, or will he draw his final breath beneath the falling blade of the darkest enemy he’s ever faced?


The Crimson Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 25)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton leaves the battlefield to hone and shape the next generation of warriors who would step into his tracks and preserve the very ideals of liberty and freedom from tyranny, he’s forced to face the painful memories and life-altering decisions of his past while driving a new breed of fighters to face his own demons headlong without stumbling.

Just when Chase believes his days of living with a rifle in his hands have finally come to an end and benevolent fate has allowed him to walk away, necessity calls and will not be denied.

A team of American operators deployed to stop an unthinkable act of terror on Western soil has gone missing, leaving no trail and no trace, but Chase and his team must race against the relentless clock and political forces hellbent on burying the truth of their involvement in a terror plot designed to strike at the very foundations of our nation.

Conspiracy, terrorism, tyranny, and contempt for true freedom stand arm in arm against Chase and the team. Will they rise to defeat the diabolical, unyielding forces, or have they finally locked horns with a beast who will not be defeated?


The Silent Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 26)

When a mysterious figure from the past confronts American covert operative Chase Fulton on the streets of New York City in broad daylight, the world changes in an instant. Forces so dark and deadly, who may be unstoppable, are moving silently through the geopolitical landscape, erasing enemies and settling old scores.

An invisible adversary embarks on a worldwide mission to eliminate the warriors fighting to preserve freedom and defend the American way of life, and it must be stopped at all costs. Chase Fulton’s team of fighters may be the only hope the free world has to quash the forces and their insidious quest for blood.

From the heart of America to the farthest reaches of the planet, Chase must stop at nothing to complete what could be the most demanding operation of their lives. Who is the true enemy? Who can be trusted? Who can survive in the face of ultimate tyranny? And how far is the team willing to go to rid the world of an evil that can only be stopped by those unwilling to surrender?

Book cover Shepherd's Case Cap Daniels

The Shepherd’s Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 27)


The Russian’s Pride: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins 

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1)

When former Russian SVR Captain Anastasia “Anya” Burinkova defected to the United States, the life she imagined was far from the one she discovered. As the freedom she’s longed for turns to little more than imprisonment, her deadly skill set, forged and honed behind the Iron Curtain, is the only key that can possibly unshackle her.

A late-night vigilante mission under the veil of darkness turns from vendetta to entrapment in an instant. What should’ve been a mission to right decades-old injustices becomes a deadly encounter with federal agents determined to turn the assassin into an indentured servant.

With terrifying glimpses inside the modern-day Russian Mafia in the United States, this non-stop thriller takes the reader into the hedonistic streets of Miami’s South Beach, where millionaires play alongside The Bratva – The Brotherhood – of former Russian prisoners and current international criminals bent on breaking every rule to collect what they believe the world owes them.

Loosely based on actual events following the fall of the Soviet Union, The Russian’s Pride takes readers on a harrowing march through an underworld they likely never knew existed right under their noses. Book number one in the Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series lures readers into the murderous foyer of the Russkaya Mafiya. The remainder of the series promises to explore the darkest, deadliest, corners of every room.


The Russian’s Greed: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins 

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 2)

After successfully completing her inaugural undercover operation with the United States Justice Department, former Russian SVR Captain Anastasia “Anya” Burinkova sets a plan in motion to not only escape the facility where she’s being held, but also to completely escape the Justice Department.

But escaping isn’t easy, even for one of the world’s deadliest—and most beautiful—assassins.

With more diamonds in one city block than anywhere else on Earth, New York City’s Diamond District is impossible to resist for Russian Mafia kingpin Viktor Volkov and his terrifyingly brilliant partner. Combining futuristic technology with millions of years of natural history, the organization is poised to tear the heart out of the American diamond industry until the DOJ unleashes their newest and deadliest weapon on the streets of the Big Apple.

Climb aboard this white-knuckle thrill ride as Cap Daniels takes you deep inside the ruthless world of the modern diamond trade, with Anya and Special Agent Gwynn Davis, as they pull out every weapon in their arsenal to defeat an old enemy with new ideas.


The Russian’s Gluttony: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins 

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 3)

A Former Russian Assassin . . . A Michelin Star Chef . . . A Russian Mafia Boss’s Insatiable Appetite . . . And Blood in the Streets of The Big Easy.

With a newfound freedom, former Russian intelligence office Anya Burinkova faces a new enemy who has a taste for blood and a nearly insatiable hunger to consume everyone and everything standing in his way.

As the United States Department of Justice turns to its newest and deadliest weapon, Anya must stand toe to toe with a madman like none she’s ever faced before.

Join Anya, Gwynn, and Special Agent Ray White as they’re forced to endure a soul-shattering journey down Bourbon Street and into the unearthly depths of New Orleans, a city dripping with Spanish moss, ancient black magic, and the blood of the souls consumed by their own gluttony.

Dare to step into the darkness as Cap Daniels takes you on an inescapable journey through the underbelly of the Big Easy as few have ever seen, leaving Anya—and you—questioning if a timeless evil can ever truly be defeated.


The Russian’s Lust: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins 

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 4)

Lust . . . Nowhere on Earth is the very essence of the word nurtured, encouraged, and exploited more than deep inside Sin City.

With billions of dollars flowing across the felt tables and down the seedy gutters of America’s black hole of morality, no place could be more inviting, more irresistible, or more welcoming to the dark forces of the Russian mafia than the city whose roots burrow into the desert, beneath the spot where the ground was first cultivated and the seeds first planted by none other than the notorious Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova must relive the horrors of her training at the hands of her former Soviet masters to claw her way into a terrifying world, where human life is little more than a commodity for sale to the highest bidder in this journey behind the glittering lights, and into the depths of the real Las Vegas few ever see and even fewer survive.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the depravity more palpable, than in Anya’s latest mission to stop a madman whose birthright was bathed in the endless river of blood pouring from the slain enemies of communism’s fallen foes.


The Russian’s Sloth: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins 

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 5)

When the beautiful and terrifying Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova steps into the billion-dollar underworld of black-market art trading, theft, forgery, and deception, she finds herself face-to-face with forces of evil far darker than she dared imagine.

When centuries-old works of nearly priceless art represent little more than a smokescreen hiding the true nature of the work of one of the world’s most reclusive and notorious Russian Mafia bosses, Anya and her team of U.S. Department of Justice agents must find the courage to step behind the curtain and confront the murderous, desperate truth of the Russian Sloth’s existence.

In a world where limitless violence defines the very nature of life on the depraved streets, respect is seized at the tip of the blade and the muzzle of the weapon that punctuate life and death when the line between the two is all but invisible.

Follow Anya as she battles ultimate deceit, boundless depravity, and the endless thirst for more of everything the dark side of humanity has for sale when money is no object and human life is but a whisper between echoing eternities.


We Were Brave

(By Cap Daniels and Melissa Mason)

When New York Times best-selling novelist Cap Millhouse finds himself alone, destitute, and defeated on the cold winter streets of his hometown, his former fame now buried beneath mountains of despair, his new reality dances in the wake of decisions he can never undo and memories he can never escape.

Imprisoned inside his own psyche, Millhouse believes his death is the only path capable of finally putting his demons to rest. An unlikely friendship with Anna, a young college student and aspiring novelist, reminds him of the importance of telling the story that lies inside all of us. Their friendship and stories may have the power to pull him from the depths into which he’s allowed himself to plummet.

As Anna’s past is revealed and redemption hangs in the balance, Millhouse must overcome his deepest regrets to face the truth that the most disgraceful act of his past may have been the defining moment of salvation for a family torn apart by war and personal tragedy.

The emotional journey of lives intertwined by loss, loneliness, and unseen common bonds unfolds in this unforgettable story of overcoming mental illness and the agony wrought by dark deeds, to finally reveal the beauty that so often grows from the remnants of tragedy.


Singer — Memoir of a Christian Sniper

Jimmy “Singer” Grossmann is one of the most intriguing and beloved characters from Cap Daniels’ Chase Fulton Novels. He’s not only one of the deadliest special operations snipers on Earth, but also a devout Christian, living a self-imposed life of exceptional morality. Aside from providing overwatch protection for his team of covert operatives, he fulfills a similar spiritual role as moral compass for his brothers-in-arms, sharing hard-earned wisdom and Christian insights into a life well lived.

In this fictional memoir of Singer’s remarkable life, novelist Cap Daniels and Pastors Dave Mason and John Grossmann will take the reader on an unforgettable walk alongside the sniper and explore unimaginable pain, loss, and heartbreak beyond compare, as well as celebrate a life of incomparable courage, devotion, and self-sacrifice to both his God and his fellow man.

Meet Singer as the child of an abusive, drug-addicted, alcoholic father and a tortured, godly mother determined to preserve and restore a family destined for ruin. Experience the dramatic escape from poverty and desperation that leads Singer from his childhood and into service to his country in the United States Army as a Ranger and Special Forces sniper before his transition to the life of a civilian covert operative. Feel the exhilaration of his triumphs and the agony of his darkest moments as Singer weaves the dichotomy of his two worlds into a seamless career and a life of sacrifice, service and spiritual strength.

Let yourself be immersed into this unforgettable spiritual journey as Singer narrates his life’s story, giving the reader unrestricted access to his fascinating life that would otherwise be impossible to experience. Learn how a devout man of God can live an inspired, morally upstanding life while becoming one of modern history’s most elite warriors.

Singer – Memoir of a Christian Sniper, is a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Christian faith that drives a remarkable man to overcome nearly insurmountable odds and distinguish himself as a terrifyingly deadly soldier, an endlessly loving brother to so many, and a fearless child of God.


I Am Gypsy

(Proceeds Go to Hurricane Michael Relief)

For hundreds of years, sailors have considered their boats to be trusted companions, brothers-in-arms, and even members of the family. I Am Gypsy explores this remarkable relationship from the unique perspective of the sailboat.This is the heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of how one sailboat comes of age, realizing her potential, while watching her families fall in love, grow, falter, and sometimes fail. Gypsy’s perception of the world blossoms from the innocence of her childhood, through the adventures of her rebellious adolescence, and finally, as she confronts her mortality in the face of a mighty hurricane.Hold on to the rail as Gypsy takes you on the unforgettable and emotional voyage of a lifetime.The proceeds of this book will directly go to aid the individuals, families, and small businesses of the Emerald and Forgotten Coast regions of the Panhandle of Florida, who were so devastatingly affected by the ravages of Hurricane Michael that made landfall on October 10, 2018.