The Opening Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 1)

When collegiate baseball phenom Chase Fulton suffers a freak injury on the field that shatters his dreams of becoming a Major League catcher, his future looks bleak until he’s recruited into quasi-governmental covert operations, where his training as an assassin and covert intelligence operative launches him into a world fraught with danger, intrigue, and unexpected passion. As Chase navigates the Caribbean, he’s pursued by a beautiful Russian SVR officer who is trained and prepared to find, interrogate, and kill him if necessary. He learns exactly how deadly the realm of international espionage can be when duty and love collide.


The Broken Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 2)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton finds himself aboard a luxury mega-yacht off the Florida Keys with a dead Russian billionaire on deck and the beautiful SVR officer he loves standing over the body with a bloody knife in her hands, he believes his life could never become more complicated. But he is wrong. A vow to a mentor and beloved friend sends him on a tumultuous quest through the criminal underworld of South Florida to rescue an innocent young woman who represents not only Chase’s painful past, but also may be his only hope for psychological survival in the future. After suffering the agony of loss and ultimate betrayal, Chase learns that loyalty is a veil behind which deception, dishonor, and treason often lurk.


The Stronger Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 3)

After learning that he’d been the target of the most elaborate infiltration scheme by Russian intelligence since the Cold War, American covert operative and assassin, Chase Fulton, vows to coax the mastermind of the complex scheme out of the Kremlin and into the open, where he’ll exact his revenge. An unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure who claims to have known Chase’s father opens doors into a world Chase isn’t prepared to enter. From the high seas of the North Atlantic to the Shenandoah Valley outside Washington D.C., Chase must face the demons of his emotions, as well as the forces of evil determined to destroy him, as he resolves to become more focused, deadlier, and stronger than ever.


The Unending Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 4)

When the Chinese Ministry of State Security unleashes a bold plan to sink a massive freighter in the Panama Canal as part of an elaborate intelligence gathering operation, American covert operative, Chase Fulton, is called upon to infiltrate the operation and turn the tides against the conspirators. As demanding as the mission appears on the surface, what lies deep beneath the murky waters of the Canal and just beyond the wall of agonizing memories engulfing the city where Chase’s family was brutally murdered, are the true demons Chase must overcome.
Deadly and mysterious sources offer Chase the answers he’s so desperately sought for a decade, but will those answers only lead to deeper, more haunting questions? With his life on the line, his past finally revealed, and shocking deathbed revelations about the true identity of the beautiful Russian spy who haunts his soul, Chase Fulton must prove, once again, that when evil calls, men of honor not only stand to face it, but they rise above it and beat it into submission.


The Distant Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 5)

Following the death of his beloved mentor, Dr. Robert “Rocket” Richter, American covert operative, Chase Fulton, inherits far more than a life insurance policy. In Richter’s belongings, Chase discovers journals that take him back to the final days of World War II and into the skies over Europe, where he learns that his own battles with the demons of his past aren’t so different from those of the man he’d admired and loved.

The undeniable truths revealed in Richter’s final hours send the young American operative on a harrowing, self-imposed mission into the frozen wilds of Northern Europe, and as far as the icy doorstep of the Kremlin, to fulfill unspoken promises, and to save the life of the beautiful Russian spy who almost cost him everything. The treacherous journey finally unveils the mystery of Anya’s true identity and brings the two face-to-face in a dramatic reunion that could change both of their lives forever.

In the most shocking and unpredictable ending in the Chase Fulton Series so far, Chase’s decisions for his future violently collide with his deeds from the past, and leave everything in question.


The Entangled Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel

(Chase Fulton Novels Book 6)

When American covert operative Chase Fulton is arrested for first-degree murder only minutes after returning from a grueling mission in the frozen wilds of the Russian interior, nothing is what it appears to be.

From deadly gunfights in America’s oldest city to abductions on the high seas of the Caribbean, Chase must face a new and deadly enemy and learn to adapt his skill set of international espionage to fight in the filthy trenches of the Miami underworld of organized crime.

Encouraged by an aged Southern patriarch whose family tree roots burrow through American history to the War of 1812 and beyond, Chase must blend two-hundred-year-old tradition with modern-day combat tactics to overcome evils unlike any he’s ever faced in this spine-tingling tale of danger and intrigue.


I Am Gypsy

(Proceeds Go to Hurricane Michael Relief)

For hundreds of years, sailors have considered their boats to be trusted companions, brothers-in-arms, and even members of the family. I Am Gypsy explores this remarkable relationship from the unique perspective of the sailboat.This is the heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of how one sailboat comes of age, realizing her potential, while watching her families fall in love, grow, falter, and sometimes fail. Gypsy’s perception of the world blossoms from the innocence of her childhood, through the adventures of her rebellious adolescence, and finally, as she confronts her mortality in the face of a mighty hurricane.Hold on to the rail as Gypsy takes you on the unforgettable and emotional voyage of a lifetime.The proceeds of this book will directly go to aid the individuals, families, and small businesses of the Emerald and Forgotten Coast regions of the Panhandle of Florida, who were so devastatingly affected by the ravages of Hurricane Michael that made landfall on October 10, 2018.