The Russian’s Pride: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 1)

When former Russian SVR Captain Anastasia “Anya” Burinkova defected to the United States, the life she imagined was far from the one she discovered. As the freedom she’s longed for turns to little more than imprisonment, her deadly skill set, forged and honed behind the Iron Curtain, is the only key that can possibly unshackle her.

A late-night vigilante mission under the veil of darkness turns from vendetta to entrapment in an instant. What should’ve been a mission to right decades-old injustices becomes a deadly encounter with federal agents determined to turn the assassin into an indentured servant.

With terrifying glimpses inside the modern-day Russian Mafia in the United States, this non-stop thriller takes the reader into the hedonistic streets of Miami’s South Beach, where millionaires play alongside The Bratva – The Brotherhood – of former Russian prisoners and current international criminals bent on breaking every rule to collect what they believe the world owes them.

Loosely based on actual events following the fall of the Soviet Union, The Russian’s Pride takes readers on a harrowing march through an underworld they likely never knew existed right under their noses. Book number one in the Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins Series lures readers into the murderous foyer of the Russkaya Mafiya. The remainder of the series promises to explore the darkest, deadliest, corners of every room.


The Russian’s Greed: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 2)

After successfully completing her inaugural undercover operation with the United States Justice Department, former Russian SVR Captain Anastasia “Anya” Burinkova sets a plan in motion to not only escape the facility where she’s being held, but also to completely escape the Justice Department.

But escaping isn’t easy, even for one of the world’s deadliest—and most beautiful—assassins.

With more diamonds in one city block than anywhere else on Earth, New York City’s Diamond District is impossible to resist for Russian Mafia kingpin Viktor Volkov and his terrifyingly brilliant partner. Combining futuristic technology with millions of years of natural history, the organization is poised to tear the heart out of the American diamond industry until the DOJ unleashes their newest and deadliest weapon on the streets of the Big Apple.

Climb aboard this white-knuckle thrill ride as Cap Daniels takes you deep inside the ruthless world of the modern diamond trade, with Anya and Special Agent Gwynn Davis, as they pull out every weapon in their arsenal to defeat an old enemy with new ideas.


The Russian’s Gluttony: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 3)

A Former Russian Assassin . . . A Michelin Star Chef . . . A Russian Mafia Boss’s Insatiable Appetite . . . And Blood in the Streets of The Big Easy.

With a newfound freedom, former Russian intelligence office Anya Burinkova faces a new enemy who has a taste for blood and a nearly insatiable hunger to consume everyone and everything standing in his way.

As the United States Department of Justice turns to its newest and deadliest weapon, Anya must stand toe to toe with a madman like none she’s ever faced before.

Join Anya, Gwynn, and Special Agent Ray White as they’re forced to endure a soul-shattering journey down Bourbon Street and into the unearthly depths of New Orleans, a city dripping with Spanish moss, ancient black magic, and the blood of the souls consumed by their own gluttony.

Dare to step into the darkness as Cap Daniels takes you on an inescapable journey through the underbelly of the Big Easy as few have ever seen, leaving Anya—and you—questioning if a timeless evil can ever truly be defeated.


The Russian’s Lust: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 4)

Lust . . . Nowhere on Earth is the very essence of the word nurtured, encouraged, and exploited more than deep inside Sin City.

With billions of dollars flowing across the felt tables and down the seedy gutters of America’s black hole of morality, no place could be more inviting, more irresistible, or more welcoming to the dark forces of the Russian mafia than the city whose roots burrow into the desert, beneath the spot where the ground was first cultivated and the seeds first planted by none other than the notorious Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova must relive the horrors of her training at the hands of her former Soviet masters to claw her way into a terrifying world, where human life is little more than a commodity for sale to the highest bidder in this journey behind the glittering lights, and into the depths of the real Las Vegas few ever see and even fewer survive.

The stakes have never been higher, nor the depravity more palpable, than in Anya’s latest mission to stop a madman whose birthright was bathed in the endless river of blood pouring from the slain enemies of communism’s fallen foes.


The Russian’s Sloth: Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins

(Avenging Angel – Seven Deadly Sins, Book 5)

When the beautiful and terrifying Russian SVR assassin turned American agent Anya Burinkova steps into the billion-dollar underworld of black-market art trading, theft, forgery, and deception, she finds herself face-to-face with forces of evil far darker than she dared imagine.

When centuries-old works of nearly priceless art represent little more than a smokescreen hiding the true nature of the work of one of the world’s most reclusive and notorious Russian Mafia bosses, Anya and her team of U.S. Department of Justice agents must find the courage to step behind the curtain and confront the murderous, desperate truth of the Russian Sloth’s existence.

In a world where limitless violence defines the very nature of life on the depraved streets, respect is seized at the tip of the blade and the muzzle of the weapon that punctuate life and death when the line between the two is all but invisible.
Follow Anya as she battles ultimate deceit, boundless depravity, and the endless thirst for more of everything the dark side of humanity has for sale when money is no object and human life is but a whisper between echoing eternities.